It feels good to be me!

Fashionable and Confortable

DRC underwear look exactly like your regular pair of everyday underwear but the secret is that they can absorb up to 4 ounces of liquid all while keeping you dry! Forget those frightful diapers and uncomfortable pads, DRC keeps you looking sexy and feeling comfortable.

Washable and Reusable

DRC underwear can be easily washed and hung to dry making them environmentally friendly. We care about our planet!

Antibacterial and Odorless

DRC underwear will not release any odor of urine and there is NO risk of getting infections. Did you know that wearing panty liners and pads can cause yeast infections, urine infections and other fungal infections!

Annual Savings

DRC underwear allows you to save over 500$ a year! Why waste money on products you will simply throw in the garbage.

Made in Quebec

Let’s keep our economy growing! DRC underwear is proud to be a Quebec made product.

For all Ages

Whether you are 25 or 95 the DRC models are stylish at any age! We ensure to design classic underwear that you can wear on any given day and at any given moment.

Keeps you dry – 3 levels of Absorbency

Each pair of DRC underwear has a multi-layer absorption system, which created from the newest technological innovations in high-performance fiber absorbency. They are offered in 3 levels: light, moderate and super.

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