DRC underwear was founded in 2010 by Raquel Tulk and Chanelle O’Shea, two young entrepreneurs with a keen eye for the business world. Having studied and graduated from fashion marketing they had always vowed to combine their love for fashion with their business savvy.

After speaking with many knowledgeable people in the medical field they came to realize that women suffering with urinary incontinence had only one option: buying adult diapers and panty liners. This process was not only embarrassing but wearing the product was extremely uncomfortable and unappealing. That is when they knew there must be a better way!

Following numerous studies and extensive testing, they developed a reliable ecological absorption system using the most recent technologies in high performance absorbent fibers. By combining functionality with a fashionable and feminine look, they knew they had created a revolutionary product.

DRC underwear allows women to feel protected while wearing beautiful undergarments. Offered in various models and colors, DRC underwear possesses a thin and invisible absorbent technology that prevents leakage and the real secret is that it keeps the skin completely dry.

One of the biggest turning points for these young women is when they presented their idea on the show “Dans l’œil du Dragon” (French adaptation of Dragon’s Den), a TV show that puts entrepreneurs into contact with investors, the founders or DRC underwear received a warm welcome by Mrs. Henkel. The dragon was so convinced by this revolutionary product that she gave them the green light to begin marketing their product. Mrs. Henkel is now an investor, a proud partner and the “D” in DRC!

Daniele Henkel is a visionary whose company offers a vast array of brands renowned in the field of medical aesthetics, all of which employ advanced technologies to improve the overall health and wellness of the individual.

She distinguishes herself by providing her clients with tailored business plans to help them maximize the profitability of their businesses. This has given Ms. Henkel a prominent place in the Canadian entrepreneurship scene. Daniele Henkel Enterprises is the recipient of several awards for excellence, including the Profit 100 and La Palme d’affaires.

"We were especially attracted by her expertise in the field of medical aesthetics.”

Raquel and Chanelle are now investing heart-and-soul in their business, so that their high performance underwear can improve the lives of thousands of women.

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